shore-crashing waves of FLOATING ISLANDS


Audience Killers are a synthpop/electropop band from Latvia, formed in 2010. - Three friends from childhood town in their early 20s, who's music features ethereal group vocals, bright piano and warm synths used throughout the songs, fitting with its buoyant, shore-crashing feel. All amalgamated with a sincere calling towards the dancefloor - but not quite.


The trio have released a series of singles and the EP on 2012. The band has performed at festivals throughout Europe include: ‘The Great Escape’ (UK), ‘Positivus’ (LV), 'Reeperbahn Festival' (DE), 'Tallinn Music Week' (EE) ‘Karklė’ (LT), ‘Vilnius Music Week’ (LT) and more.


Today, the exciting trio return, with the news of their debut album, and next single ‘Patterns‘, which gives a strong indication of the band’s potential.


Vocals, keyboards, guitar / Normunds Petrovs
Keyboards, backing vocals / Arletta Supe
Drums / Edgars Oplucans